About Me

I thrive on creativity and exploring new ideas. I love seeing my clients dreams come to life.

I’m Alan HArp

For over 30 years I have worked in furniture design and product development.

I have a MS and BS in Industrial Design from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Before starting Alan Harp Design in 2010, I was part of a team designing and building custom furniture and products for people with physical disabilities at the Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, I taught furniture design at Georgia Tech and was involved in a variety of research projects related to CNC manufacturing and product design.

Packs of sand paper



Domino Tenons

The goal is to bring my clients’ ideas into reality as a beautiful, one of a kind piece of art.

I Design and build your dreams

I design and build custom furniture for individuals, big & small companies. My favorite part of my job is creating something that only exists in the brain of my client.

Each new client brings a chance to explore new styles, methods and materials, resulting in a piece as unique as the individual client. 

The uniqueness of each client and their ideas is what keeps things interesting and motivating for me to continue creating beautiful pieces.

  • Beds – 3
  • Case Goods – 18
  • Mantels – 12
  • Seating – 12
  • Tables/Desks – 21

…because what you want doesn’t exist….yet.


Alan has been featured in numerous trade publications, has had his work displayed in local and national design exhibitions, and has presented at national trade shows.

Over the years Alan’s work has been seen in these juried exhibitions:

    • Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum
    • Museum of Design Atlanta
    • Furniture Society’s member’s gallery
    • International Contemporary Furniture Fair

His product development and furniture design work featuring Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and Universal Design at CATEA was awarded numerous records of invention by Georgia Tech for creativity and uniqueness.

Alan was recently chosen as one of the Top Design Alumni from Georgia Tech and was featured in the Alumni Magazine article “Tech by Design” pgs 58 – 59.

member since 2004.