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is based on bringing other’s ideas to life. I get to know my clients to understand what they want. It’s imperative that the final result is a special piece that they couldn’t get anywhere else.

Featured Project

Ping Pong Table

OBJECTIVE: 2 separate clients, one in New York City, the other in Nantucket, MA each desired a unique ping pong table that could also double as a large table/game table.

The New York client was the initial client, and the Nantucket client wanted a slightly modified version of the initial design.

SPECIFICATIONS: The design parameters of the project were to create a unique, custom ping pong table that could be used as a regulation sized ping pong table with regulation nets and paddles, but could also be pretty enough to be used as a dining table or game table in a very visible part of the client’s home. It was to be made with unique shapes and veneers to be a showstopping piece.


  • Baltic birch plywood was used for the table top and its structure.
  • Bendable 1/8” plywood was used for the base and was layered up into 1” thick curves.
  • The wooden net is made of alternating veneers of Paduak and either oak or maple.
  • The Nantucket table has custom made paddles made of birch plywood covered in Paduak and curly maple veneers.
UNIQUE PROBLEM SOLVING: Because of the location of both clients (New York City apartment and Nantucket island) shipping and assembly of the table was a very important aspect of the design process. It had to break down into pieces small enough to go through regular doors and fit in small elevators or stairways.  The table can be broken down into three main components, the two table halves and the base. Each of the 3 pieces weighs approximately 150 pounds, but is still manageable by two people. There are several unique elements to the design.  The table has a drawer on each end of the table that securely holds the custom ping pong paddles in custom cut foam padding along with a sleeve of regulation balls. The table can be used with either the “show net” or regulation fabric nets. The fabric nets are stored in two small drawers on either side of the table. These two small drawers also serve as the tensioning device for the regulation nets and the holders for the wood veneer show net. When not in use, the show net can be stored under the table on hooks tucked under the playing surface. The aesthetic of the table is built around the contrast of the rectangular table top and the flowing curves of the base. The base is constructed of 8 layers of 1/8” thick plywood formed over a custom bending mold. The curved pieces intersect one another and are covered in Paduak veneer that has a beautiful reddish/purple color. The table top was covered in Paduak trim and either quartersawn white oak (New York) or curly maple (Nantucket). The pattern on the side of the table was developed to coordinate with the New York client’s area rug and other details found in her home.

“Alan created a unique custom ping pong table for my home. We discussed the design at great length until the perfect solution was realized. The final result is absolutely beautiful and blends into my decor seamlessly.

Alan was very conscientious of keeping me informed and even hand delivered it from Georgia to my New York home.”

~ Ann Marks, New York | Project: Custom Paduak and White Oak Ping Pong Table

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